How to choose the best baby cot

How to choose the best baby cot

When you are first time parents, there is a lot of excitement packed with a lot of stress. Trust us when we say that one of the most important and hefty expense is going to be the baby cot UAE. It may seem like a small thing but it is the most essential tool for you. it can get hard and stressful to buy the right thing especially when you don’t quite understand what is the right thing. This is why here we have a few tips that can help you in choosing the right baby cot worth your time, money and efforts:

  • Opt for adjustable height

Mothers usually suffer from back aches after the delivery and it becomes hard for them to manage the baby alone especially when it comes to picking them up from the cot and lying them down. In such cases, an adjustable height will come in handy and they will be able to perform tasks easily rather than depending on someone else or feeling useless. Adjustable height does become a problem when the baby reaches the ages where they start fidgeting with things but until then you will be safe.

  • Look out for teething rails

Soon your baby is going to start teething and want to chew everything and anything in their way and cot railings is just one of those many things. It gets pretty scary and dangerous when they start chewing off the paint and varnish and start developing different diseases. This is why opt for a cot which has safe teething rails so that you can be sure that cot is not one of the many causes of indigestion.

  • Easy movement

When you ask experienced parents what they wish they could have changed in their baby cots, you will be amazed to see how many of them say movement. Movement is one of the many things that come most in handy when you think about the accessibility of cot. You can take it around the house while watching your baby sleep peacefully in them. It is also a useful option when you are not yet done with the nursery and keep going back and forth thinking what to do, until then, the baby and its cot can rest in your room.See it here for more info.